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Premium Booster
[ · Скачать удаленно (4,13 Мб) ] 23.09.2011, 12:50

Premium Booster

Premium Booster очень проста в использовании, не требует никаких специальных знаний для работы с ней и достижения прекрасных результатов.

Premium Booster умеет сканировать, диагностировать и лечить многие проблемы реестра,позволяет защитится от различных атак через Internet.Предотвращает возможные сбои и существенно ускоряет время загрузки Вашего компьютера. Кроме этого, программа снабжена набором продвинутых опций, таких как дефрагментатор реестра, встроенный планировщик, возможность сохранять и восстанавливать реестр и т.д...

Why users choose Premium Booster

You can find other similar applications on the net which deal with performance optimization and system tweaking, but you may not find another program like Premium Booster. Just take a look at the unique features which will be at your disposal if you choose Premium Booster:

Safe and Easy to use.
The program has a nice and intuitive interface. Even a newbie can easily operate Premium Booster without a fear to take some unrecoverable step as the program provides different ways you can backup/restore your data.

Powerful Scanning Engine.
Premium Booster's complex algorithm allows to detect different types of problems which may be located in Windows registry. In cases when it's needed the program will look for solutions and be sure it will find them if there're any.

Protection Against Malware ActiveX.
Premium Booster can protect your PC against a set of malware programs which use registry keys to register and launch their modules. This applies to spyware and adware components which are a real abuse to the user. Premium Booster blocks access for such applications so that they can't automate their startup through registry.

Advanced Startup Manager.
Windows loads many applications at startup, but that doesn't actually mean all those modules are required by your system to function properly. Sometimes startup list contains some useless programs like programs or drivers which are no longer used. Having spyware/adware in autorun entries also causes discomfort.

Premium Booster has a large database of programs which can be found in your startup list. It will allow you to identify many of the startup items and see whether you really need that or another program to be started with your Windows. It can save some privacy as well as it will free some memory which won't be allocated by suspicious modules any more.

Windows Tweaks.
Premium Booster contains a set of Windows tweaks in its package. This tweaks can really optimize performance of your OS since your Windows will be tuned to do what you actually need from it, but now what a default user may need. This may speed up your system and enlarge the amount of free memory.

Comfortable System Backup.

Premium Booster can back up your system settings so that you can revert to them in case of some system failure. This is a very useful feature. Let's say you're going to install and run some suspicious software or do something which may result in serious changes applied to your system. In such situations it's safe to create a restoration point with system backup as this way you can always roll back to your old settings.

Defragmentation Map.
Defragmentation Map allows you to see and compare the registry structure before and after its defragmentation. It shows you a visual report where you can find out the compression ratio and other information.

Размер, ОС: 4,13 Мб, Windows 7/Vista/XP
Язык: Русский,Английский
Условия распространения: Л[c]екарство присутствует
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